About Our Lions

North Park Lions Club members having a roaring good time making friends and serving their local community

Ever since it was established in 1926, the North Park Lions Club has been a friend to a wide variety of organizations, schools, programs and causes through its monetary donations and the toil of its members.
“Originally I went to the club thinking it was good networking for the (San Diego) Center for the Blind,” says

Kim Gibbens, the center’s executive director. “But the more I attended meetings, the more I realized what a special group of people this was.

When I became the treasurer, which I did for almost 10 years, I really found out how much this club serves the North Park community. During 2010, the North Park Lions contributed more than $28,000 to a variety of programs, schools and organizations. The beneficiaries included the North Park Little League, local schools — Central, Jefferson, McKinley and Garfield — and Meals-on-Wheels, among others. The club also spent more than $17,000 as part of its White Cane budget.

On Sunday January 29th two members of the North Park Lions Club traveled down to Tijuana Mexico to view the house that service built. The Playas de Tijuana lions club the sister club of the North Park  Lions officially turned over the keys to the house they built for an elderly Tijuana resident whose house burned down in 2009. She lived in a shanty, sleeping on two chairs pushed together earning what little monies she could making tamales, before the brother of Playas de Tijuana’s secretary, Cleomenes Rafael Ruiz Castillo, Francisco brought her plight to the club. After the club investigated they acted swiftly and built her a new living structure. She was obviously touched and grateful, the club had an enjoyable lunch of tamales and fellowship. The North Park Lions club in support of their sister club will help by donating furnishings for the house and is both proud and honored to be a part of the project.

North Park Lions can be found delivering dictionaries to elementary schools here and in Tijuana along side out twin Lions Club Playas de Tijuana. We chose fifth grade as the year to give dictionaries to students for two reasons. The first is practical: fifth grade is the year in which dictionary skills are taught in most schools. The second is no less practical, but broader in scope: fifth grade represents a critical juncture in a child’s education. In this year a student makes the transition from learning to read to reading to learn. All formal education from this point through college is premised upon the student being able to read and to understand what he or she reads. If we as a community want our children to succeed in education, we must ensure that they have the resources and encouragement to become strong readers by fifth grade.

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